Our Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

Hand Sawing
One of the oldest and most popular forms of cutting. BCCC owns a series of hydraulic hand saws that can cut through concrete up to two feet thick. BCCC uses hand saws for almost anything.

Wire Sawing
A hydraulic wire saw allows BCCC to cut through extremely thick concrete or in confined spaces. Wire sawing is a unique saw and specialized skill and BCCC is proud to offer our customers this service.


Wall Sawing
BCCC uses a track-mounted wall saw to ensure straight cuts through thicker concrete. This saw is often used to cut doorways, windows, or HVAC openings. Much like wire sawing, wall sawing requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Core Drilling
BCCC is capable of core drilling holes ½ inch to 48 inches in diameter. Customers often need holes drilled for electrical conduit, plumbing or sprinkler systems, steam lines, or other purposes.


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